Sunday, June 13, 2010

sites and smells of everdale.

my first week at everdale is complete. and it was grand.
above are a few shots of the sites and smells of the farm. my friend from peterborough has been here all week as well, volunteering on the fields by day and cooking up mean farm dinners with us by night.

i spent all of yesterday doing the farm store's inventory and creating the displays for our opening on thursday. i was happy to see that our biggest seller is my favourite cookbook: simply in season. it is organized by winter-spring-summer-fall, featuring recipes that coordinate with what fruits and vegetables that are in season in north america. none of this pineapple in january bit. it's a must have for those who frequent their local farmer's market.

the same authors (a mennonite community) have gone on to create two others that i'll be excitedly using this summer: extending the table - recipes from argentina to zambia and more with less - eating better and consuming less of the worlds limited food resources.

what's your favourite cookbook?

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LarissaAshley said...

i love the chickens.