Monday, July 5, 2010


we got a piglet! beauty, ain't he?

okay,  maybe i should rewind. we have two flocks of chickens: one is a flock of laying hens and one is a flock of what we call meat-birds. i'm sure you understand. free-range, pasture-bred, grass and grain-fed, antibiotic free. what i call a 'happy bird'. a few of our meat-birds are in phone 1.
in photo 2 are the chickens' coop-mates; turkeys. cute, in an ugly sort of way.

and finally. photo 3 is our newest friend on the farm. he's just over 6 weeks (as piglets need to stay with their mothers until they are this old) and he's absolutely bewildered. sweet though, huh? curly tail and all.