Monday, July 5, 2010


we got a piglet! beauty, ain't he?

okay,  maybe i should rewind. we have two flocks of chickens: one is a flock of laying hens and one is a flock of what we call meat-birds. i'm sure you understand. free-range, pasture-bred, grass and grain-fed, antibiotic free. what i call a 'happy bird'. a few of our meat-birds are in phone 1.
in photo 2 are the chickens' coop-mates; turkeys. cute, in an ugly sort of way.

and finally. photo 3 is our newest friend on the farm. he's just over 6 weeks (as piglets need to stay with their mothers until they are this old) and he's absolutely bewildered. sweet though, huh? curly tail and all.


thursday said...

Just look at that cutie pig! I want to chase it around all day. I know it's not nice, but...

liz. said...

i know, isn't she a beauty?! i have to confess, that she came with a friend when she arrived but that friend somehow escaped the fencing. now she's all by her lonesome and it's rather sad. so, we're all taking turns visiting her throughout the day in order to have little conversations with her so she doesn't get too lonely.
what a swell pig.